New Library Acquisitions

November 2019

Title: The awakening, and selected stories of Kate Chopin /

Author: Chopin, Kate,; Solomon, Barbara H.,

ISBN: 0451524489
Title: The ravishing of Lol Stein /

Author: Duras, Marguerite.

ISBN: 0394743040
Title: George Tooker /

Author: Garver, Thomas H.

ISBN: 1566400686
Title: Great Italian films /

Author: Vermilye, Jerry.

ISBN: 0806514809
Title: The unicorn tapestries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art /

Author: Cavallo, Adolph S.,; Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)

ISBN: 0300106300
Title: Three major plays :Fuente Ovejuna ; The knight from Olmedo ; Punishment without revenge /

Author: Vega, Lope de,; Edwards, Gwynne,Vega, Lope de,Vega, Lope de,Vega, Lope de,

ISBN: 0192833375
Title: Cave in the snow :a western woman's quest for enlightenment /

Author: Mackenzie, Vicki,

ISBN: 1582340455
Title: The life and death of Yukio Mishima /

Author: Scott-Stokes, Henry,

ISBN: 0815410743
Title: A year in Japan /

Author: Williamson, Kate T.

ISBN: 1568985401
Title: Typographic systems /

Author: Elam, Kimberly,

ISBN: 1568986874
Title: Garbage land :on the secret trail of trash /

Author: Royte, Elizabeth.

ISBN: 031615461X
Title: Hand job :a catalog of type /

Author: Perry, Michael,

ISBN: 1568986262
Title: Free labor :workfare and the contested language of neoliberalism /

Author: Krinsky, John.

ISBN: 0226453650
Title: Graphic design :the new basics /

Author: Lupton, Ellen.; Phillips, Jennifer C.,

ISBN: 1568987021
Title: Neue Leben :die Jugend Enrico Türmers in Briefen und Prosa /

Author: Schulze, Ingo.

ISBN: 3827000521
Title: Writing about art /

Author: Sayre, Henry M.,

ISBN: 020564578X
Title: Real world Haskell /

Author: O'Sullivan, Bryan.; Stewart, Don.Goerzen, John.

ISBN: 0596514980
Title: Graphic design theory :readings from the field /

Author: Armstrong, Helen,

ISBN: 1568987722
Title: Pride and prejudice :an annotated edition /

Author: Austen, Jane,; Spacks, Patricia Meyer.

ISBN: 0674049160
Title: The suspension of time :reflections on Simon Dinnerstein and the Fulbright Triptych /

Author: Dinnerstein, Simon,Slager, Daniel.

ISBN: 1571313265
Title: Quantum mechanics :a paradigms approach /

Author: McIntyre, David H.,; Manogue, Corinne A.Tate, Janet.; Oregon State University.

ISBN: 0321765796
Title: Dictablanda :politics, work, and culture in Mexico, 1938-1968 /

Author: Gillingham, Paul,Smith, Benjamin T.

ISBN: 0822356317
Title: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn /

Author: Twain, Mark,; Nafisi, Azar,Rasmussen, R. Kent,

ISBN: 0143107321
Title: Im Frühling sterben :Roman /

Author: Rothmann, Ralf,

ISBN: 3518424750
Title: The Amish :a concise introduction /

Author: Nolt, Steven M.,

ISBN: 1421419564
Title: Imagining Asia in the Americas /

Author: Rivas, Zelideth María,Lee-DiStefano, Debbie.

ISBN: 0813585201
Title: The Velizh affair :blood libel in a Russian town /

Author: Avrutin, Eugene M.,

ISBN: 0190640529
Title: Unveiling desire :fallen women in literature, culture, and films of the East /

Author: Das, Devaleena,Morrow, Colette,

ISBN: 0813587840
Title: Estrella distante /

Author: Bolaño, Roberto,

ISBN: 030747612X
Title: Our towns :a 100,000-mile journey into the heart of America /

Author: Fallows, James M.,; Fallows, Deborah,

ISBN: 1101871849
Title: Overgrown :practices between landscape architecture & gardening /

Author: Raxworthy, Julian,

ISBN: 0262038536
Title: The lost words :a spell book /

Author: Macfarlane, Robert,; Morris, Jackie,

ISBN: 1487005385
Title: Last psalm at sea level /

Author: Day, Meg,

ISBN: 098932964X
Title: Notes from the field /

Author: Smith, Anna Deavere,

ISBN: 0525564594
Title: Fairview :a play /

Author: Drury, Jackie Sibblies,

ISBN: 1559369523
Title: The Gothamites /

Author: Raud, Eno,; Pärn, Priit,Cullen, Adam,

ISBN: 1939810280
Title: Underland :a deep time journey /

Author: Macfarlane, Robert,

ISBN: 0241143802