New Library Acquisitions

Title: Annotated Japanese literary gems =[Nihon bungaku rubi-tsuki meisaku sōsho] /

Author: Selden, Kyoko Iriye,Gracewood, Jolisa.

ISBN: 188544530X
Title: Beyond sectarianism :the realignment of American Orthodox Judaism /

Author: Ferziger, Adam S.,

ISBN: 0814339530
Title: The HPV vaccine on trial :seeking justice for a generation betrayed /

Author: Holland, Mary,; Rosenberg, Kim Mack,Iorio, Eileen,Montagnier, Luc,

ISBN: 1510710809
Title: A concise companion to Confucius /

Author: Goldin, Paul Rakita,

ISBN: 1118783875
Title: Washington Black /

Author: Edugyan, Esi,

ISBN: 0525521429
Title: Footprints of war :militarized landscapes in Vietnam /

Author: Biggs, David A.,; Sutter, Paul,

ISBN: 0295743867
Title: Unsavory truth :how food companies skew the science of what we eat /

Author: Nestle, Marion,

ISBN: 1541697111
Title: The library book /

Author: Orlean, Susan,

ISBN: 1476740186
Title: The fight against Monsanto's Roundup :the politics of pesticides /

Author: Cohen, Mitchel,Shiva, Vandana,

ISBN: 1510735135
Title: The great believers /

Author: Makkai, Rebecca,

ISBN: 0708899110
Title: GMOs decoded :a skeptic's view of genetically modified foods /

Author: Krimsky, Sheldon,

ISBN: 0262039192
Title: Territory of light /

Author: Tsushima, Yūko,; Harcourt, Geraldine,

ISBN: 0374273219
Title: The rise of the modern Yiddish theater /

Author: Quint, Alyssa

ISBN: 0253038618


ISBN: 1912561530
Title: The year of blue water /

Author: Yanyi; Phillips, Carl,

ISBN: 0300242646
Title: Points + lines :diagrams and projects for the city /

Author: Allen, Stan.

ISBN: 1568981554
Title: Time and free will :an essay on the immediate data of consciousness /

Author: Bergson, Henri,

ISBN: 0486417670
Title: Translation and globalization /

Author: Cronin, Michael,

ISBN: 0415270642
Title: Crafty TV writing :thinking inside the box /

Author: Epstein, Alex.

ISBN: 0805080287
Title: The ecosystem approach :complexity, uncertainty, and managing for sustainability /

Author: Waltner-Toews, David,Kay, JamesLister, Nina-Marie E.

ISBN: 0231132506
Title: Palante :Young Lords Party /

Author: Young Lords Party,; Abramson, Michael,

ISBN: 1608461297
Title: Darkest America :black minstrelsy from slavery to hip-hop /

Author: Taylor, Yuval.; Austen, Jake.

ISBN: 0393070980
Title: Reliquaria /

Author: Villanueva, R. A.

ISBN: 080329638X
Title: Bonjour tristesse /

Author: Sagan, Françoise,

ISBN: 2266195581
Title: Salt houses /

Author: Alyan, Hala,

ISBN: 0544912586
Title: Zoned out! :race, displacement, and city planning in New York City /

Author: Angotti, Thomas,Morse, Sylvia,

ISBN: 0996004130
Title: The origin of others /

Author: Morrison, Toni,; Coates, Ta-Nehisi,

ISBN: 0674976452
Title: Escape from Vichy :the refugee exodus to the French Caribbean /

Author: Jennings, Eric T.

ISBN: 0674983386
Title: Atlas of sustainable development goals 2018 :from world development indicators.

Author: World Bank Group,World Bank.

ISBN: 1464812500
Title: Feeld /

Author: Charles, Jos,

ISBN: 1571315055
Title: Hilma af Klint :notes and methods /

Author: Klint, Hilma af,; Müller-Westermann, Iris,Burgin, Christine,Klint, Johan af,Bonnier, Kerstin Lind,Wessel, Elizabeth Clark,Posten, Anne,Klint, Hilma af,

ISBN: 022659193X
Title: Becoming /

Author: Obama, Michelle,

ISBN: 1524763136
Title: Decolonising governance :archipelagic thinking /

Author: Carter, Paul,

ISBN: 0815380496
Title: The source of self-regard :selected essays, speeches, and meditations /

Author: Morrison, Toni,

ISBN: 0525521038
Title: The twenty-ninth year :poems /

Author: Alyan, Hala,

ISBN: 1328511944