New Library Acquisitions

September 2019

Title: Organic chemistry /

Author: Carey, Francis A.,; Giuliano, Robert M.,

ISBN: 0073511218
Title: My Antonia /

Author: Cather, Willa,; Murphy, John J.

ISBN: 0140187642
Title: Walden ;and, Civil disobedience /

Author: Thoreau, Henry David,; Meyer, Michael,Thoreau, Henry David,Thoreau, Henry David,

ISBN: 0140390448
Title: First love /

Author: Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich,; Berlin, Isaiah,Pritchett, V. S.

ISBN: 0140443355
Title: Three tales /

Author: Flaubert, Gustave,; Whitehouse, Roger.Wall, Geoffrey,

ISBN: 0140448004
Title: House of hunger :short stories /

Author: Marechera, Dambudzo.

ISBN: 0141187158
Title: Essays in idleness and Hōjōki /

Author: McKinney, Meredith,Yoshida, Kenkō,Kamo, Chōmei,

ISBN: 0141192100
Title: Moby-Dick, or, The whale /

Author: Melville, Herman,; Delbanco, Andrew,Quirk, Tom,

ISBN: 0142437247
Title: The scarlet letter :a romance /

Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel.; Baym, Nina.

ISBN: 0142437263
Title: The Third Reich at war /

Author: Evans, Richard J.

ISBN: 0143116711
Title: Careless people :murder, mayhem, and the invention of The Great Gatsby /

Author: Churchwell, Sarah Bartlett,

ISBN: 0143126253
Title: The woman who had two navels and tales of the tropical gothic /

Author: Joaquin, Nick,; Apostol, Gina,Rafael, Vicente L.,Joaquin, Nick.

ISBN: 0143130714
Title: The Penguin book of migration literature :departures, arrivals, generations, returns /

Author: Ahmad, Dohra,Danticat, Edwidge,

ISBN: 0143133381
Title: The case of Terri Schiavo :ethics, politics, and death in the 21st century /

Author: Goodman, Kenneth W.,

ISBN: 0195399080
Title: The Oxford Handbook of the ends of empire /

Author: Thomas, Martin,Thompson, Andrew S.

ISBN: 0198713193
Title: Comparative literature :a very short introduction /

Author: Hutchinson, Ben,

ISBN: 0198807279
Title: The oxford handbook of dance and reenactment.

Author: Franko, Mark.

ISBN: 0199314209
Title: American art of the 20th-21st centuries /

Author: Doss, Erika,

ISBN: 0199364788
Title: Philip Roth :fiction and power /

Author: Hayes, Patrick,

ISBN: 0199689121
Title: The ministry of utmost happiness /

Author: Roy, Arundhati,

ISBN: 0241303974
Title: Memory and violence in the Middle East and North Africa /

Author: Makdisi, Ussama Samir,Silverstein, Paul A.,

ISBN: 0253217989
Title: Ernest Hemingway :a biography /

Author: Dearborn, Mary V.,

ISBN: 030759467X
Title: Chaos :Charles Manson, the CIA, and the secret history of the sixties /

Author: O'Neill, Tom; Piepenbring, Dan,

ISBN: 0316477559
Title: Organic chemistry /

Author: Wade, L. G.,; Simek, Jan William.

ISBN: 032197137X
Title: Mosby's anatomy & physiology coloring book /

Author: Gamble, Rhonda.

ISBN: 0323226116
Title: Aug 9-fog /

Author: Scanlan, Kathryn,

ISBN: 0374106878
Title: How to hide an empire :a history of the greater United States /

Author: Immerwahr, Daniel,

ISBN: 0374172145
Title: The weary blues /

Author: Hughes, Langston,; Van Vechten, Carl,Young, Kevin,

ISBN: 0385352972
Title: Essential readings in world politics /

Author: Mingst, Karen A.,

ISBN: 0393664619
Title: Dream visions and other poems :authoritative texts, contexts, criticism /

Author: Chaucer, Geoffrey,; Lynch, Kathryn L.,

ISBN: 0393925889
Title: The Norton book of nature writing /

Author: Finch, Robert,Elder, John,

ISBN: 0393946347
Title: The code :Silicon Valley and the remaking of America /

Author: O'Mara, Margaret Pugh,

ISBN: 0399562184
Title: The Routledge companion to religion and popular culture /

Author: Lyden, John,Mazur, Eric Michael,

ISBN: 0415638666
Title: Brainwashed :the seductive appeal of mindless neuroscience /

Author: Satel, Sally L.; Lilienfeld, Scott O.,

ISBN: 0465018777
Title: Bad faith :when religious belief undermines modern medicine /

Author: Offit, Paul A.,

ISBN: 0465082963
Title: German in review =Lehrbuch der deutschen Grammatik /

Author: Sparks, Kimberly.; Vail, Van Horn.

ISBN: 047042429X
Title: Classical sociological theory /

Author: Calhoun, Craig J.,

ISBN: 0470655674